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Terms...or how I like to do business.

I'm honest, fair and reasonable in all my dealings with clients. All I ask is that you, as my client, are the same.



Once we've discussed a job, I am happy to provide a quotation in writing (which may just be an email) for you to respond to. The quote could be per hour, per word or per project - whatever we agree on.

When quoting by time, I'll usually quote on a range of hours as it is hard to tell exactly how long something will take until I get started. If I think it will be substantially different to what I've quoted on, I'll always let you know. We can then renegotiate the scope of the work or the hours.

And I only ever charge for the actual hours involved in a job, even if that is fewer than were included in my quote.

Which brings me to...

My rates

My rates vary according to the type of work, the deadline and the nature of the client.

Whatever I charge, it will cover the work you're paying me for, plus any associated administration or research. That includes telephone calls, lengthy email exchanges or in-person or online meetings.


If I have to travel to you, I reserve the right to add travel costs and time to your bill - but in reality, it usually just involves a tram trip, so I'm happy to absorb that and maybe pop to the supermarket on my way home.


I prefer direct payment into my bank account. I'll give you the details when I invoice you. 


If you're a business, I'll expect payment within 30 days of the date of my invoice - although sooner is always appreciated! For individuals, I give 14 days' credit.

If you don't pay on time, I reserve the right to charge a reasonable late fee. I'll detail this on my invoice.

If you're wondering why paying on time is so important, it's not just about my cashflow. Read about the Australian Supplier Payment Code

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