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Work samples

Just a few examples of my published work over the years. I also frequently write fundraising proposals, which for confidentiality reasons I can't publish here. But if you are interested in learning about that aspect of my work, contact me and I can put you in touch with satisfied clients.


You can also read my personal blogs, where I have written about life in Australia, at and, and view some of the many publications I have produced.

Features, interviews and profiles

Turning a big idea into social enterprise

Women are banding together to stop the female brain drain (Australian Financial Review)

Rising stars 2020

Talented young scientists at the forefront of discovery (St Vincent's Institute of Medical Research)


Shedding light on a rare disease

How genetic engineering could help those suffering from a devastating condition (St Vincent's Institute of Medical Research Newsletter)


Corporate social responsibility - employees put companies on the spot

Graduates want more than pay and progression from their first jobs (Australian Financial Review)


Marathon man

Long-distance runner Hassan Esufally (3010 magazine)

Being the best version of ourselves

How positive psychology gave Lela McGregor a fresh take on her work (3010 magazine) 


Why investors should go back to school

The benefits of education for venture capitalists (Wade Institute of Entrepreneurship)


Learn to speak venture capital

A guide to the language of investing (Wade Institute of Entrepreneurship)


Fertility expert: Lynn Burmeister

Leading IVF doctor Lynn Burmeister on making families (3010 magazine)

Tone deaf? Why you can still hit the right notes

Having amusia needn't stop you enjoying music (Pursuit)


Using education to create cohesion from conflict

Professor Joseph Lo Bianco on how language can divide but it can also heal (Pursuit)


Her Excellency

Senior diplomat Margaret Twomey has learned to expect the unexpected (3010 magazine)

Bollywood: movies with rich rewards

Why Western audiences should look East for cinematic thrills (Pursuit)


Dancing to a Bollywood beat

Actress Pallavi Sharda is a star in India - but she still thinks like an Australian (3010 magazine)


It takes two: Julie and Maheshi

A mentoring partnership that works (3010 magazine)


Time is ripe for fruitful ventures

Creating the next generation of Australian entrepreneurs (3010 magazine)


Five questions for...

3D printing expert Bernard Meade (3010 magazine)


The jaws of life

A surgeon and an engineer use 3D printing to improve joint replacement technology (Pursuit)


Too big to fail

How will VW move on from the emissions scandal? (Pursuit)


The diversity drain

Why women are leaving careers in science research (Pursuit)


From student to startup

The stress and the joy of launching a new business (3010 magazine)


Working on tomorrow

The future of flexible working (3010 magazine)


It takes two

A student and her mentor share their story (3010 magazine) 


Fulfilling a dream

Philanthropy helped keep a young vet student on track (University of Melbourne Report to Donors)


Of markets and minds

When neuroscience meets economics (3010 magazine)


Investing for the future

How a gift from a Malaysian immigrant is helping his community in Australia (University of Melbourne Report to Donors)


Exhibiting opportunities

Profile of an artist whose work is supported by philanthropy (University of Melbourne Report to Donors)


Ann heads west for new role at Murdoch

Interview with new Deputy Vice Chancellor at Murdoch University (The Exchange - Murdoch staff newsletter)


PR strategy in local government

Local council PR officers need to play the management game (Profile Magazine)


When something really bugs you

A look at the role of environmental health teams in keeping the public safe (Lancashire Telegraph)


Charity begins at home for Street's 'Hayley'

Interview with Coronation Street actress Julie Hesmondhalgh (Lancashire Telegraph)


River returning from the dead

How the River Darwen is recovering after years of pollution (Lancashire Telegraph)


A life of care

The impact of government strategy on carers (Lancashire Telegraph)


I see Pendle and I'm home

Interview with Coronation Street actor Malcolm Hebden (Lancashire Telegraph)



Unfortunately these are no longer available to download.

3010: The Fertility Counsellor

Suellen Peake on using positive psychology to help those undergoing assisted reproductive treatment.

3010: The War Zone Doctor

Dr Kat Franklin has worked in some of the world's most challenging environments, including Afghanistan and South Sudan. She reveals why she does it.

3010: The Bequests Manager

What's going to happen to your money when you die? Dr Jennifer Henry explains the power of leaving a legacy to a cause you believe in.

3010: The Comedian

How does a psychology degree help you become a stand-up comedian? And where do Australian's funny people go when the comedy festival season is over? Comic Simon Taylor tells all.

3010: The Zoo Vet

Dr Kath Adriaanse takes us behind the scenes at Melbourne Zoo where we learn - among other things - how to anaesthetise a fish.

Five things about...becoming a doctor

What's it really like to go from medical student to practising doctor? We asked newly qualified medic Dr James McGann.

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